Genetic mutations and Magnesium absorption

by Laura
(Seattle, WA)

Im so frustrated my doctor told me that I have genetic mutation and can't digest magnesium. She said that I needed to take magnesium that was like "pre digested"? I guess something more broken down.

I have been searching but can't find any information close to this. I have Fibromyalgia so Im sure it would help me. I have tried using magnesium oil on my skin but didn't notice a difference. The doctor that did the labs for the genetic mutation also checked my magnesium level.

She said the level was really high because my body wasn't able to break down the mag. I wasn't taking any form magnesium when she ran the labs. I am no longer in touch with that doctor and don't know what to take for this. Thanks for your time.

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B12, not magnesium
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Are you sure that your doctor did not say that this was a problem of Vitamin B12 and other B Vitammins and not of magnesium?

I've never heard of anything of the sort in relation to magnesium, but this issue with B Vitamins is very common.

And the 'high level' of Vitamin B12 due to this issue is common, but not high levels of magnesium. Perhaps you heard wrong?

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