Gastritis, Low Vit D, B12 and anemia

by Meg
(Danvers, MA)

I have been having "gastris" symptoms for a few years now, as well as IBS. I had my gallbladder out, due to the fact it was nonfunctioning, in the hopes it would clear up my nausea. It did not. Then I was diagnosed with gastritis.

I am a vegetarian, and am trying to increase my consumption of greens and vegetables. It seems whatever I eat negatively affects the gastritis or the IBS. I am low in Vit D, and B12 and slightly anemic. I can't help thinking my digestive issues are causing these deficiencies. I was taking a slow release iron supplement, but now it is causing sever nausea and even stomach pain. The pain in my stomach subsided only to go in the upper right side of my back with every breath I take.

Eating foods like bread and rice cause me to binge out of control, so I am trying to go higher in vegetables and fiber rich foods. It can often agravate either the IBS or the gastritis. I am starting slow this time and increasing little by little. My question is are my digetive problems the cause of the low vitamin levels, and what can I do if I can't take iron supplements? The pain this morning was pretty intense when it moved to my back, and I am wondering if it is related to my lack of gallbladder. Did the iron pill get stuck somewhere in my digestive track or what?

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Overlooking some things
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Meg,

You are overlooking a couple of basic things that could be the causes of your problems. Please read my pages on:

Gluten Sensitivity


H Pylori Bacteria

to start. Hope this helps.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

gastritis low vitamin d b12,.anemia
by: Jenn

The vitamin deficiencies are definitely related to the gastritis. I have the same problem. I take AloeAloe Vera gel capsules from GNC then take my multivitamin. Without the Aloe Vera my vitamin d and b12 stopped to deficient values in a matter of a week. Started taking my Aloe Vera with the vitamins and everything regulated again.
I'm not a doctor but I do work in the medical fields and I am just sharing what I've found in my research.

H Pylori
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune System Queen

Have you checked for H Pylori Bacteria? Gastritis does not just 'happen'. There has got to be a reason for it. And H pylori leads to vitamin deficiencies, specifically of B12 and of Vitamin D- usually the only vitamins actually measured by doctors- due to the inflammation caused by the bacteria. I suspect that the aloe vera is keeping the H pylori in check, but it does not cure H pylori. So this will continue to be a problem until you eliminate the H pylori.

Kerri Knox, RN

B12, gastritis, and vitamin D defeincy
by: Levans

My wife had gastritis for about two years. Finally she could not function cognitively. At that point the doctors through blood tests discovered she had very low b12. They started to give her shots once a week. They could never get her B12 above 400 but by the third shot she was improving cognitively but she still had daily diarrhea and severe bone and joint pain.

Another blood test revealed her vitamin D was 16 very low. They then treated that. After numerous months of MRI, doctor/neuro visits and a diagnosis of irritable bowel and even a pet scan saying she had early Alzheimer's I took her to a gastro specialist.

Keep in mind not one of the doctors recommended that we did it on our own . The gastro did a scope of her stomach and biopsies which turned out to be Hpylori. He treated the H pylori so now we think it is gone.

In the mean time I had made an appt at mayo. By the time we got to mayo she was doing much better but we went through anyway. Mayo discovered that the gastro did not completely treat the Hpylori so they prescribed meds to finish that up.

During the entire two yrs we were told that the b12, vitamin D and gastritis were not related. Turns out they we absolutely related and she is almost back to 100% today.

I asked the doctors at mayo what caused my wife to be this sick for a year and a half and they replied it could have been the hpylori that was the root cause. I asked them if the H pylori could cause the b12 malabsorption and they said yes. I agree with the statement in the article that says the doctors refuse to accept the connection.

If not for my persistence and if I would have listened to them she would have continued to worsen. Her b12 is at 900 today and vitamin D at 45 and she is living a normal life again.

by: Paula

I am suffering I think with Gastritis. I have had ibs/acid reflux for roughly 20 years or more (caused by Endometriosis) I have been suffering from iron deficient anemia, very low vitamin d & b12 levels. I too had trouble taking iron tablets so in the end I had to go to hospital to have iron infusions.

I am now having trouble taking vit d tablets which i think has caused this recent episode of Gastritis.

I am very overweight and trying to eat healthy to lose it but everything i seem to eat gives me stomach pain and upset stomach.

I had tests years ago for the bacteria but was negative, maybe i should request it again.

Anyway its nice to know that other people with the same problems can give helpful advice because sometimes the doctors get it wrong!

Reply to Paula
by: Alita

Hi Paula. Your endometriosis and gastritis are related. It is imperative you get your D levels up. Like me, you too sound like you are unable to digest the plastic of the D capsules, a logical consequence of weakened stomach muscle, brought on by chronic D deficiency over time.

You need to pierce the capsules and take the vit D out and throw the plastic away. For best results, take with milk or other calcium rich food. Good luck-when your D levels have been normal foŕ 3-6 months your stomach problems should clear up.

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