Fluid retention from Vitamin D

by Dianne

I've had pain in both feet when walking long distances for some years, which has now resulted in some stress fractures on my left foot and 4 months (so far) in a orthopedic boot.

While taking the Dr recommended dosage of 2000 IU daily for 3 months, my level has gone from a 27 down to 23. Only now am I taking the prescribed 50,000 IU once a week, taking the second one this morning.

Last week 2 days after taking the first dose of 50,000, the fluid retention started...mainly in my ankles and feet.

Nowhere do I find any info on that as a side effect, but not sure what else would be causing it?

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I Know What Might Be Causing it...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Dianne,

You say that you don't know what might be causing fluid retention in your lower extremities, but you can't walk long distances and you are now in an orthopedic boot?

I can guarantee that it's NOT the vitamin d and that it's simply coincidence that it's happening when you started on vitamin d and that it's your condition catching up to you. Fluid retention is caused by a combination of 2 things:

Lymph fluid pooling in the lower extremities and/or a lack of protein being able to 'hold' the fluid in the bloodstream. When you are unable to get out and walk much then fluid will 'pool' in the lower extremities. The only way that lymph fluid can be pushed out of tissues is by muscular action. So when you are not using your muscles as much, then you are not pumping the fluid out of your legs.

Even if you can't walk much, you should do lower leg exercises to get the fluid moving in your legs. And if you are inactive for long periods, then elevate your feet ABOVE your heart. This means lying on a couch and putting them up on pillows- NOT simply sitting in a chair and using a footstool.

Next, protein is a large molecule in your bloodstream that 'holds onto' fluid. When you are low on protein, then your bloodstream will end up 'leaking' lymph into your tissues. This, along with magnesium deficiency, is almost ALWAYS the reason why pregnant women get swollen feet too. They need PROTEIN- and you probably do too.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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I just started taking 5000IU
by: Beth

I have just started to take My vitamin D and in two days I think I have lost a lot of the extra water that has been in my joints and hurting me... I'm not drinking anymore then normal but visiting the potty more! this is a good thing for me. I hate getting all swelled up ...maybe now it might stop!

Puffy Hands
by: Anonymous


My experience
by: Anonymous

I started to take vitamin d because i read somewhere about a study that said it would make me lose weight. Im 37 and 2 weeks using it in combination with calcium i started having pain in my feet and my weight went up about ten pounds.

Also, i stoped going regularly to the bathroom. I stoped taking the pill yesterday and i spent the whole day urinating. I weight myself today and i had lost like 5 pounds probably in water. So, you are not alone or crazy.

Pain in ankles since taking 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing the same exact problem. That's why I googled it and this was the first to show up so I figured I'd read the comments. But it's not really giving me any answers I have been doing exactly what I have been since before taking the vitamin D and now that I take it because I was at 10 and she wanted it between 30-100 which is normal I guess. But it's giving me horribly swollen and painful ankles along with anxiousness I don't know why. And I don't feel any better summer and it's been about two months already

Not a coincidence
by: Anonymous

It is not a coincidence, every time I have taken a Vitamin D vitamin, my scale goes up at least 3 pounds and when I stop taking it they go away within 2 days.

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