Fibromyalgia From Levaquin and Cipro Antibiotics Plus a Review of The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution

by Karen

Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Review<br>See Full Post Below

Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Review
See Full Post Below

My question is ...Don't you think that doctors should be asking these people with Fibromyalgia if they had been on a fluoroquinolone antibiotic at some time before their diagnosis? I was on one of these antibiotics back 17 years ago, not long after the prescription was done with, I got major pain in arms and shoulders and various other points in my body.. A specialist doctor in rheumatology diagnosed me with Fibro. My feet and toes became numb and tingly with some pain and I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy....

Now 17 years later my husband was put on Cipro for a prostate infection, 4 times....but around the 3rd time he started having the horrible shoulder and arm pain and also hips and knees. Then his eyes became painful and he had floaters and was put on Pred Forte...

Anyway after research we realized that the antibiotic was the cause. Of course by then he had 2 cortizone shots and was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff....he woke up with these injuries, he didn't cause them.

But we followed the protocol in your Levaquin Tendonitis Solution book and he is healed, and after all this, I finally realized what had happened to me 17 years ago. And funny but the FDA just came out with a new Black Box Warning about the nerve damage, such as Peripheral Neuropathy, so now I know what caused my major pain way back then, both the Fibromyalgia and the peripheral neuropathy.

So now every time I talk to someone that is having the same kind of symptoms, that their doctor can't seem to figure out, I ask them if they have been on one of the Quinolone Antibiotics such as Cipro and guess what...most of them had been and I now tell them to look up the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution on line. I really believe these antibiotics played a major part in the death of both of my parents. And now my husbands sister, after having been on Cipro twice, is in hospice with so much pain in her legs and now congestive heart failure..We warned her kids not to let the doctors give her Cipro, but they didn't listen...

So I say "Guns don't kill people, doctors do!" They just won't look back and figure out that all these horrific symptoms started at some point in time, after their patient had been on one of these antibiotics, even if it were months later. And they call Fibromyalgia a mystery disease...I don't believe so, I believe that the drug companies are killing off their customers and doctors are killing off their patients and everyone is too ignorant or too greedy to look at the real culprit in all these injuries to people who were perfectly healthy up until the point they got prescribed these poisonous antibiotics...

Sorry this was so long, but I think everyone with a new mystery illness, that happens out of the blue, should be asked if they had, in the past several months, been on an antibiotic, before all these injuries appeared...

My husband's orthopedic surgeon, who was going to operate on his torn rotator cuff, said to me.."Wow, now you are educating me, I am on Cipro right now!" I said, "you better do some research and you will see what we are talking about" And I asked him if he operated on my husband wouldn't he be doing more damage to his tendons and ligaments, since the damage was done at the cellular level? And he said YES! and that he had lots of patients who decided not to have the surgery and did just fine, so we walked out and never looked back and my husband, after a few months of following The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution is 100% healed, but I see most people on forums and online and on YouTube think their lives are over and ruined and they just don't know what to do, it's sad!
So that's our story and we're sticking to it...


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Fibromyalgia, pain and Levaquin
by: Anonymous

I took Levaquin about 10 years ago and last year my R arm got very weak to a point I couldn't even pick up a pan of water. I have to wear a back brace now b/c my shoulder is weak and the cause. It's horrible dealing with this every day. I told my muscle specialist about the Levaquin and he thought it could be related. He's the only doc so far. I went to ortho guys first and they all scoffed it off.

Fibromyalgia, pain and Levaquin
by: Chris

I want to add that my urologist routinely gives cipro after exams. When I found this out I went thru the roof.

Doctors and Cipro for UTI
by: Karen Joy

I'd already had an adverse reaction to Cipro (ruptured Achilles) but didn't know it. The second time I was given Cipro for a UTI, the Doc asked me if I'd ever had trouble using Cipro. Not realizing I had, I told him I had no problem with the drug. 4 hours later after taking a single dose, my limbs were all swollen double their size. Doctors need to ask questions that might tell them if you have trouble with tendinitis or ruptures in your history. I think many people are not aware they have had previous adverse reactions to flouroquinolones. Tests that can quickly determine what bacteria you have should be developed so URIs aren't just automatically treated with Cipro. I recently had a UTI that required me to take several antibiotics to kill it over a month, but I'd rather have to do that than deal with Cipro.

Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Testimonial
by: Anonymous

Check out the The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution. We got it from this site or Google it. Your body has been depleted of Magnesium at the cellular level and that causes lots of damage, to tendons, ligaments, muscles, eyes, rotator cuff, and nerves etc.
There is a protocol to get your body healing and it takes a while, but it works and it is so worth it.
My husband thought his life was over, he was in so much pain, but he is golfing, bowling and working again, without anymore pain. Thanks to this protocol. If you want anymore info, I would be glad to explain, but it all came from this site.
Good luck!

Regarding the Cipro
by: Anonymous

Good for you, more doctors should be held responsible for learning about any and all the side effects that can be caused by the drugs they prescribe, generally worse then the condition that they were prescribing them for. Go to "" it is amazing to see all the information that this one person has posted on his site about these poisons, and what he has and is going through. And go to YouTube and type in Cipro toxicity or Cipro side effects and see all the people that are suffering and sitting in wheel chairs without a clue how to get well again. Or go to PBS Levaquin show on YouTube and see the story of 3 people with damage from these Quinolone antibiotics. I believe these antibiotics are what killed both of my parents, and has my husbands sister in hospice right now. I could go on and on for hours about what we have been through and what we have learned and about all the people we know that have damage from these drugs.

Don't forget that all the meat your are eating, unless it is grass fed or free range, and cage free, is pumped full of these antibiotics and hormones and it is harming you and you could have a relapse, if you do get healed, just from eating a chicken that has these antibiotics pumped into it, or beef or we order grass fed beef now. There is so much to learn.

Don't blame the doctors
by: Jackro

Until 2010, this information was kept from doctors. Don't go after a doctor, go after the drug company. They are the ones that kept the info hidden for so long. Now that the black box is out, many doctors still don't know about it. I think the answer is to research any drug before taking it and hold the creator of the drug responsible. There is a class action lawsuit for people harmed by this. I'm not a lawyer, but I've started down the legal path. The lawyers only get paid if you win, so really there's little downside.

No, this info was not hidden
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

No, this info was not hidden from doctors until 2010. Dr. Jay Cohen was publishing articles and petitioning Congress in 2001 about the research that he found showing serious adverse effects going back as far as 1972 from Fluoroquinolone drugs. Dr. Cohen was able to find out this information, and so could other doctors. It was public record. And since that time, there were at least six Quinolone Antibiotics removed from the market.

Heck, I wrote my book The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution in 2008. If I had this information in 2008 from easily available sources, then docs did too. Yes, it's appropriate to blame the people who are prescribing a drug. They have the obligation to know what they are prescribing. And they DID very much have the information to question the use of these drugs for many many years.

In fact, Dr. Cohen, above, has had very good success being an expert witness for malpractice cases against doctors who have prescribed these drugs.

Also, one thing that you have missed is that studies show that one in three prescriptions for antibiotics is prescribed for a condition that does not even require antibiotics! So, if someone is injured by an antibiotic that was prescribed when no antibiotic was needed, it does not even matter whether the doctor knew that the drug had the change of injuring the person or not. They are responsible for the injury because they gave a drug unnecessarily and it harmed that person.

Kerri Knox, RN

Levaquin and weak arm
by: Chris

The same thing happened to me with the weak arm. Couldn't lift a pan of water. Wore a back brace for a few years and don't need to anymore. All shoulder related.. My muscle doc also believes the studd is bad.

I just had an endoscopy and one of the nurses knew how bad it was.mshe said it's worse than all the others in the Fluoroquinolone family. They're slowly catching on. Make sure you put it down as a drug you're allergic to.

by: Shari

I know for a fact that my pain is from taking Levaquin in August 2009. Every time I bring it up doctors tell me no it isn't. They say try never heard of it. I have taken copies of articles about Levaquin but they just dismiss it.

I have had to go on disability.

Levaquin and full body pain
by: KrosAnn

I have been a fairly healthy person all of my life. In November I was dx with pneumonia and given Levaquin. My only mission was to get better in order to go back to working on my clients. 3 1/2 months later I noticed I was in so much joint pain to the point of staying in my bed and cancelling on my clients. I can't even provide services that I've done for 4 years because my hands can't hold my tweezers.

I swell like crazy. I've changed my diet drastically and taking lots of vitamins to see if that would help. My dr says nothing is wrong and my blood tests are normal.

I can't sleep, I'm extremely tired and feel like every inch of my body is falling apart. I'm glad that I stumbled upon this site and am reading that I am not alone. What can we do to be heard? This is effecting my career! Thank you for reading.

by: Anonymous

My mom passed away about 15 months ago and every time she was in the hospital because she had COPD they kept pumping her full of antibiotics and these are two of them. My mom's doctor at the time was also a specialist and a lot of other diseases and he insisted every time she had to go that he was her patient and absolutely no anabiotic'sv my mom's doctor at the time was also a specialist and a lot of other diseases and he insisted every time she had to go that he was her patient and absolutely no antibotics. He eventually left our local hospital and I asked him before he left what do I do for her and he said do not let them give her any more antibiotics you have to make them listen and this man was a very very smart man he was the head of the ICU unit and to this day I think that's where all her problems stemmed and she ended up passing away. I also think after I had taken a dose of these anabiotic's is when my fibromyalgia really set in when I start pinpointing the times it all makes sense now.

My ND recommend
by: Chris

Any time I have to take an antibiotic, (no more in this family, tho), she has me take Florastor or Saccharomyces Boulardii 1 in the AM and one in the PM. Stop when finished with the antibiotic, then take a refrigerated brand probiotic. This restores the GI as much as possible. The drug co's will never change as long as they are on the stock market. Just keep making people and MD's aware.

Took levaquin now have fibro
by: Anonymous

Years ago i took levaquin for an infection and had a severe reaction. I thought I was having a heart attack,it was so bad. Now,decades later,I have severe fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis. It seems others have the same troubles.

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