Elevating Creatinine lvls from B6 toxicity and B12 deficiency or magnesium supplements?

by John M.


First off I just found this website yesterday and am finding it to be a marvelous resource! You are doing a great service to large and probably increasing audience.

Sorry for the long post, I'm an IT person and get overboard with details sometimes.

My history: I've been having nerve pains (occasional burning right toe, sporadic numbness in fingers of both hands and electric shocks in my left lower calf area and occasionally right ankle. Recently have middle back pains. It even hurt to tear open a bubble wrap envelope. the pains initially started in Jul 15' with the left leg shocks. Slowly increasing along with new symptoms emerging.

I've been taking supplements: D, magnesium lactate, zinc and neuroplex (which contains a handful of vitamins and most prominently 8.9 mg B6 and no B12).

Been to many Dr's. Had MRI with contrast of leg. EMG and NCV test. All tests coming back fine, just showing varicose veins.

So I tried out a medical intuitive/naturopathic dr. She had me alter diet - remove all breads, sugars, increase greens and said to stop the D vitamins and double my neuroplex from 2 pills/day to 4. So I was getting 36mg/B6 a day plus maybe 5mg in food. After 7 days I suffered INTENSE electric shocks in my ankle for 3 days and went to the ER on day 3 as I couldn't take it.

Long story short, without any corroboration from any Dr's it appears I have been suffering from B12 mal-absorption and more recently B6 overdose. I stopped the neuroplex and the frequency of and intensity of my leg jolts dropped way down. I then
add methylocobaliamin sublingual B12 (currently take about 2,000-2,500/day) and my leg pains are nearly gone and very light. Issues remaining are mid-back pains. Feel a little light headed once in a while. Mild ringing in ears. Still some right toe burns and still tingling/numbness in fingers along with my fingers being much more physically colder than they used to be. No discolorations. Just sitting in house they get COLD! So if anyone has any thoughts on the cold fingers I would
appreciate it!

Back in Apr 16' my B12 lvl was 737 and Folate was 15.2. So I suspect MTHFR mutation. So I've sent in my sample to 23ANDME to see if I have the MTHFR mutation or any others.

I have some concerns about my creatinine levels. I'm 50. My father had kidney cancer. Back in Aug 16' my creatinine lvl was 1.01. For the MRI with contrast that I just had done they drew blood and tested it and my level went up to 1.2. Is this something I should be concerned about? A 0.19 increase in 3 months. I started taking 210 mg Magnesium Lactate pills after that blood test in Aug 16' as it was showing a bit low, 1.9. Per the naturopaths recomendation I was taking 3 per day, so 630 mg a day. Can that have caused my creatinine levels to increase. I'm concerned that the level has increased as I don't want to tax my kidneys as I'm taking the daily high level B12 sublingual doses and read some articles on excessive B12 and the liver and kidneys being effected.

Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated!


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Creatinine level is normal
by: Kerri Knox

Your creatinine level is normal. Any tiny changes such as that are just normal variation, or just a +/- normal variation in lab results.

I agree, it's normal.
by: Anonymous

This small difference in creatinine could just mean you ate more protein on one day than on the other. A normal, probably inevitable variation within the normal range.

Check the Standard Range for Creatinine AND eGFR
by: Anonymous

Anything over 0.9 is out of range for Creatinine.
What was your eGFR? If you do not know...Ask your doctor.
Herbal Treatments/Supplements/Chinese Medicine havve become a CAUSE for renal failure.

Be very cautious with self treatment; being that it appears from your lab results your creatinine level has increased; which means if it’s a kidney issue it is not one that is acute but rather chronic and progressive.
Hoping you find help and healing,

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