Elevated blood b12 levels and supplementation

by Angela

My husband started taking sub-lingual methylcobalamin (1000 mcg/day) about a year and a half ago, per my recommendation. We had no idea if his levels were low,but I wanted him to take it to help his cognitive ability as he gets older (he was 53 when he started taking it). Several months later at his yearly physical, his doctor ordered a B12 blood test with his other blood work.

His level was elevated at 1179. We continued him on the B12 and this year, his level is 1518, which is much higher than last year. I have done a little research and am concerned about what this could mean, but his other blood work is normal. Is it possible the elevated level is due to the supplementation or should we look at other testing for liver/kidney/blood problem?


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Level is high from supplementation
by: Kerri

Yes, his level is high from supplementation. This is absolutely nothing to worry about. Your biggest worry is having a doctor who keeps taking B12 blood levels when he has a patient who is taking Vitamin B12. High levels are expected with supplementation. There is no reason to believe that high levels from supplementation are of any concern absent any chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

So, in short, ignore the high levels and tell your doctor to stop testing them. They are meaningless.

Kerri Knox, RN

B12 Supplementation Levels
by: Dennis

I enjoy reading your information discussions. I've always been a little concerned about taking 5000 mcg per day, but you've eased my apprehensions. I'm a type 2 diabetic 72 yro male in relatively good. I've been taking B12 5000 mcg for the past two years and it has made me feel better.

High b 12
by: Anonymous

Thank you ....so reading you comments....i shoudnt be concernef since im on centrum multi vitamins. And my cbc and bmp are mormal but my b12 is over 1500

by: Kerri Knox, The Immune System Queen

No, you should not be concerned about high b12 levels SO LONG as you are taking B12 as it will likely always be high. High b12 level when you are NOT taking B12 is when you should be concerned.

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