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Does Vitamin D cause acne?
by: Anonymous

I disagree with the comment that Vitamin D helps with acne. It may for some but not for all.
I have constant trouble keeping my Vitamin D level up and my Rheumatologist wanted me to take over the counter Vitamin D. I broke out on two seperate occasions with extremely painful cysts on my face that would not heal for weeks. I thought this was strange but no one agreed with me that I could be having a reaction. The next time my doctor gave me a prescription of Vitamin D to take. I had the same reaction! I know that it has been caused by the Vitamin D. Although, this may not be the normal reaction for most, it is th reaction that I am having. I think that the medical community should not lump everyone into the same category.

Oil Can Be the Problem
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

While I 'generally' agree with you and I did NOT say that 'no one' will get acne with Vitamin D, it's obvious that you did not actually read my comment and you just jumped to the conclusion that I'm 'lumping' everyone together.

I told the person that they need to make sure that their Vitamin D does not have an oil carrier as that is the LIKELY culprit. It's also likely that YOU took prescription vitamin d which IS in an oil carrier and I find that prescription vitamin d causes FAR FAR more problems for people than over the counter vitamin d3 that is NOT in an oil carrier.

So, do please READ my comments before jumping to the conclusion that I'm 'lumping' everyone together. I ABSOLUTELY agree that everyone is different and that SOME people may get acne from vitamin D.... however, the VAST majority of people that DO get acne from vitamin d don't actually get it from the 'Vitamin D' but from the rancid and nasty oils that are in most vitamin d pills, including prescription vitamin d pills which I warn AGAINST taking over and over and over and over on this site.

So, as far as I'm concerned your acne is from the oil in the pills UNTIL YOU PROVE OTHERWISE by taking no oil vitamin d3 pills and still get acne from them.

Kerri Knox, RN

Vitamin D3 Is Giving Me Cystic Acne As Well
by: Anonymous

I too have been getting cystic acne everytime I take Vitamin d3 almost 30min. after taking it every single time. I know that it's the vitamin d3. I've tried several brands, and I even tried a DRY brand from SOLGAR. Since vitamin d is really a hormone, could it be causing a person like me with hormone imbalance more acne. I really need vitamin d because I'm so deficient (19). What can I take to counter the cystic acne the vitamin d is causing? So that I can still receive all of the other benefits. It has worked so well with depression, sleeplessness and even weight problems. Any suggestions would help. I'm desperate.


Did the acne ever go away??
by: Anonymous

did the acne ever go away after stopping vitamin D? how long did it take? I had the same reaction and it's been 5 weeks and i still have acne. i've never had pimples before and i regret ever taking this vitamin. i'm at a loss

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