Does methylmalonic acid level decrease so quickly?

I had a blood work in January and was diagnosed with anemia, with slightly low RBC and slightly high MCV. My PCP recommended me to take B12 and iron without doing any further blood work now. Instead, she told me to have a blood test for B12 2 months later.

I wanted to know my CURRENT B12 level. So, a few days after starting using the spray B12 (500 mcg/spray, twice a day), I decided to take the test for B12 and MMA on my own.

I received the result today, and was so surprised! My B12 was as high as 1394, while my MMA was as low as 43! I was assuming that I was very deficient in B12, but the result was totally opposite.

Would it be possible that the oral spray elevated my B12 level and lowered my MMA level so quickly?
I have been experiencing daytime sleepiness, lightheadedness, fatigue and oral blood blisters since several years ago, even before I was diagnosed with anemia, and I am still experience these symptoms.

It is hard to tell if the symptoms are improving, because these symptoms always come and go. And, I am aware that it takes time for the blood cell count to return to normal.

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Ignore the tests
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Taking a B12 Levels when you are on Vitamin B12. Yes, it can rise within DAYS and be high that quickly.

You merely confused yourself and wasted money by taking a B12 level while on B12. And MMA's are not always accurate. The best test of of deficiency is Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

by: Julie, NCMA with loads of trouble

So BEYOND the already established in 1997 in generic terms and given formal dx of bipolar 1 in 2010 (which currently is so destabilized, I am off the rails)...December 2016 began with frequent vertigo spells. Ok, likely side effect from one of psychiatric meds. Mention to psych doc at next appt. End Feb 2017, vertigo, break foot two places, off work. Return, start stuttering, talking slower, mindful of how I walk. Being a nurse in a peds clinic this behavior doesnt bode well. Symptoms worsen, I get desk job. I'm stumbling, tripping, falling asleep in car at lunch, come home and sleep in scrubs. Not normal practice for me in general since you would have germs all over you, but I haven't seen or touched a patient, but start sleeping in scrubs with makeup on as soon as I get in door. Supervisor sends me home almost daily if I'm not already out with an infected eye or bladder. SHE takes it upon herself to set up an appointment for me to see one of the GP's at practice next door. Dx'd with fibromyalgia/CFS. Ummm. And she walks out. I get a second opinion. Same answer but from a very well known university/hospital in Seattle. I didn't see Derek Shepard, MD. FAST FWD. I finally clicked with a new doc in that same initial clinic after I began having numbness in first two fingers on left hand and arm pain. I told him there wasn't the "pins and needle" feeling...its dead, like you could stab with that pin or needle. He says carpal tunnel. Wear this brace 5 weeks, no better, you see dr so & so down at ortho for surgery. Naturally I look at him horrified. I'm back in the office two weeks after that after a drop foot like incident that scared the bejeezus out of me, but I end up seeing another clown since "my" dr is out. The slew of strange tests were ordered. I had seen some odd ones after working in cardiology for 6 years, the

This is where all of your info is so intriguing to me. As well as since that panel had been done other stuff has occurred and "my doc" had already put a neuro referral in which u know takes 9 months. Well, after two...he got jumpy asked about transportation and when I said whatever...he was like oil in a hot skillet and I got an appointment now for this coming July 2018. That's like 2 months since he did a dr to dr urgent. He's concerned it could be MS.
The MMA(quant) 0.31/Folate 13.4(our hospital does not use a standardized test..have their own and this was shown as having considerably low markings/VitB12 526/CRP <0.3/VitD 14.
So...I'm now no longer working for the hospital, praying this can be figured out but look and FEEL like I have aged 13+ years in 6 months. And taking the vitD supplements! I GOT WORSE FEELING!! And on top of that, my skin can't tolerate laundry detergent, soap, MAKEUP! I know, the horror..all kidding aside, I have learned to make my own if I HAVE the very rare occasion to make an appearance that is important enough to look like I have been using illegal drugs and then picking at my face.

If you have ever heard of anything like this....I'm not a dr. I'm not looking to even be chasing after anything. But with the unfortunate circumstances of no longer having the luxury of PREMIUM commercial insurance, my resources are extremely limited and being an informed consumer of medical care is really what my mission has to be at this point. I really dont know, I very well may have exceeded your word limit. But if not and my device remains in tact, perhaps if there is something that does come to mind. I'm in Washington state, lyme disease would be rare and obvious on me certainly, and there are a dozen others with similar but just not quites to them. So I'm I loner in so many ways. Where IS that Derek Shepherd,MD? I would take House even!

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