Diagnosed with fibro.

by Brook

car accid in 2003: onset of symp: severe pain EVERYWHERE, headaches (tension, cluster, migraine), severe pain in back, severe restless leg syndrome all day, no sleep, constant mind fog, no focus/concentration, joint pain (knees, neck, hips), hand pain and limited use. May 2011: partial hysterectomy; noticed pain increased, but in addition, my left shoulder and arm muscles have incredibly severe pain and I have no use of my left shoulder and extreme limited movement of my entire left arm. Today (OCT 27, 2011) I still have limited use of my left arm, severe pain, among other ailments on top of all those listed above. I just started a d-Ribose regimen this week, in which I think I am seeing a difference (psychological and desperate?), I am also using CoQH, and work hard at eating as healthy as I can. I am very tired of DOCTORS forcing DRUGS down my throat, I stopped them two years ago, they no longer "treat" me- so in essence i really have no primary care doctor. I have not been able to hold a job or take proper care of my family (me & 2 teens) since my accident. I cannot get disability (denied 3 times).

MY QUESTION is: what can I LEARN from YOU that WILL HELP me to get better than I am today and at least keep from getting worse?

I am willing to research any info you can provide to me. I researched CoQH and d-Ribose (powder), I feel that I have enough info to determine that these are safe for me to take. I am not on any prescription drugs, just 2multi-v's (chewable centrum), calcium1200/D(1000iu), magnesium/zinc, B-complex, and i think that's it. My "specialist" for fibro is an idiot (no offense). All he does is check my D levels and prescribes high dosage of D (50,000iu/wk tab) havent seen him in over a year. I had an MRI and nothing shows(head and shoulder), I also saw a neurologist (twice). Am willing to learn and try something new (NOT DRUGS). Exercise causes me great pain, so did PT, dont understand why trying to strengthen my muscles causes more pain and increased immobility for days after. havent exercised for a year.
Very frustrated and angry, and sick of being sick and in pain all the time.

Thank you for your time and response on this.
Brook F.

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Too Vague
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Brook,

I would LOVE to help you, but your question is EXTREMELY vague and I don't have the faintest idea where to tell you to start. What can you LEARN from me?? I have no idea. But I can only start you on my MANY MANY pages on Fibromyalgia, the first of which is:

Fibromyalgia Cause and read that completely, including clicking on the blue underlined 'links' that lead off to pages describing the phrase in blue.

Then, once you've researched some of these topics, get back to me with any more specific questions and maybe I'll be able to help answer them. But unfortunately, how am I supposed to answer a question like, "What can I learn from you?". I need to have much more specific questions in order to give any coherent answer that doesn't take an entire dissertation in order to answer.

Kerri Knox, RN

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