Could Vitamin D Be Causing My Chronic Pain

by Lynn
(Port Sain Lucie)

I have low Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 & Low Iron ( I am just about to start Infusions) & I am in the worse pain you can imagine never lets up for even a moment.I was diagnosed with chronic Arthritis & Chronic Fibromyalgia.

I was reading the piece on Vitamin D & Pain.
I am at the stage right now where if I go out of the Home I need a wheel chair,I can't even walk as far as my mail box anymore,I have had blood work & MRI's they show no Rheumatoid Arthritis damage,But every muscle in my body hurt & I have told my husband for nearly 20 year my Bones hurt. I exercise as much as my body lets me in the pool because I can't walk. I as so have CVID. which I infuse antibodies each & every week,and still I can't raise my numbers.I am getting desperate, frustrated and have no quality of life my family is great, but I'm not to sure how long I can carry on in so much pain.I have gone along with Doctors for 10 year or more,having Facet shots/Transformational shots and I hardly get any relief. Is it possible that the Vitamin D Deficiency could really be causing this pain & if so why do the rheumatologist not recognize these symptoms? And what can I do please


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Jul 26, 2015
Chronic pain
by: Anonymous

I was thinking the same thing pain just came out of know were it's driving me crazy I can't do anything I'm a custodian and a female I can't function at times I use heating pad at work I have to take braks a lot but I have to work or my won't eat or bills won't get paid can't afford to lose my health insurance so I take pills all day and keep moving I work all week Jong and when weekend come my body shuts down and rest for the neek week it's. Terrible I can fill your pain don't have any fun I just lay on couch and watch my family walk around well hope you get better

Oct 14, 2014
My Doctor put me on 50,000 iu of vitamin D, thank you Jesus!
by: James P.

My Doctor diagnose me with Vitamin D deficiency. My blood work came back 9 ng. I have be suffering the effects of this for years. I've been suffering from cognitive issues, severe fatigue, muscle pain, nervous system disorders, and a host of other issues.... I had no clue as to what was wrong with me, I'm a 47 year old male and very strong minded. So a lot of the issues I was having I was able to hide or compensate for, until it became to much and overwhelming.

I just thought it was a mental thing I needed to deal with on my own(how stupid of me).... I finally got up the nerve to tell my doctor who I have been seeing for the past 8+ years. I told my doctor I was fatigue all the time and I was have mental nervous issues. His immediate reaction was "blood work" which he's done every year with good results. Only this time my Doctor gave me a B-12 and a Vitamin D test and my D level was at 9 ng. Needless to say he hit me with 50,000 iu D2 ego twice a week. I've been on the regiment for just three weeks now and I feel so much better. The very first 50,000 iu pill I took, I immediately noticed a change in my feeling nervous and uneasy all the time... I was no longer afraid to drive on the highway again like before the taking 50,000 iu. I now can concentrate at work for longer periods of time. My quality of life has greatly improved.

Now after reading this website I don't worry about getting toxic from taking large doses of Vitamin D 50,000 iu ego. Thank you and thanks to my doctor.... God is good, have a blessed day everyone!!!

Jul 03, 2012
Could Vitamin D be causing my chronic pain
by: Kathy Temp

I encourage you greatly to read every subject on the tabs to the left side on Kerri's website. I have been sick for over ten years with chronic pain and at first thought it was vitamin D deficiency. Bring your levels up to normal and then research every subject tab(click on each tab on the left side on this wesire!) I never thought I could have had Leaky Gut syndrome and I may not be correct but I am going to rule out every single thing on this site because I bet I do suffer from one of these and I am not going to stop until I find out what is really wrong. Wesern medicine has just screwed me up even more! I stopped eating gluten which seemed to help alot in the beginning but now I react to any of the 7 or so main food allergies. You HAVE to pay attention to the food you are putting in your body! Get the parasite testing done and follow all of Kerri's advice and only eat healthy foods, not processed crap, everything they put in processed food is slowly making us sick! I have slowly gotten her message and wished I had been more diligent all these years! Hoping you see the light too!! It really does make sense!

Jul 02, 2012
Vitamin D is not magic
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Lynn,

First of all, you need to be realistic. Vitamin D deficiency is almost certainly contributing to your pain, but it's not magic and it's not going to fix all of your problems. You are severely malnourished, probably due to not absorbing nutrients, and you are full of inflammation from eating crappy food (even if you think that you are eating great, you are not).

So, to start, please see my page on Vitamin D Therapy and get your vitamin d deficiency remedied.

Next, you need to read my pages on
Gluten Sensitivity. Gluten, and it's subsequent inflammation and intestinal permeability, is one of the main underlying causes of almost all autoimmune disease.

Next, please sign up for Real Food Summit and learn how to eat properly. If the doctors haven't fixed you with their drugs, etc. in the years that you have been suffering, then they are obviously not able to. It's time for YOU to take charge of your own health by getting the knowledge to do that.

How could your doctors have missed these things? Because nutrients and foods are not drugs and surgery, and doctors are trained in how to use drugs and surgery, not how to fix people with chronic illness. Western Medicine's track record for fixing chronic health problems is MISERABLE. You are the rule, no the exception. It's up to you to turn your health around.

Kerri Knox, RN

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