Continuing pain after leg cramps

by Samra Bufkins
(Denton, Texas, USA)

I am 61 years old, and have, for about the last 6 months, been experiencing debilitating leg cramps at night. They aren't limited to my calf muscles, but are mainly in my shin muscles and foot.

I will often suffer them for 4 hours or more and am exhausted in the morning. I have tried bananas, pickle juice, cream of tartar to no avail. I get them at least twice a week.

I teach in a university, and have long classes. I used to notice they occurred mainly after I have worn high heels all day, but yesterday I wore flats all day, woke up at 2 am and was in agony off and on until 8 am.

I was then in pain all day, and had several more bouts of the cramps during the day, including when I laid down for an afternoon nap. I still ache--my legs ache. I had to walk across campus and was in pain the whole way. This pain the next day has happened several times.

I have had bloodwork done and it is all normal--my doctor does incredibly detailed bloodwork. I have tried hydration, magnesium supplements, all to no avail. I am in pain now as I write this--even my arms hurt. Is there anything I can do, or should I ask for more tests to rule out anything else? (I can't imagine what that would be....)

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please read the thread again
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread and the pages it links to. Labwork will not show if you are magnesium deficient, and the vast majority of people take an incorrect dosage of magnesium that will not make any difference.

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