Chronic Hives and Problems with Gluten

by Stephanie

My story begins Sept. 1, 2008. One day I woke up feeling like I had come down with a case of the dreaded flu, then it got worse, way worse. Hives appeared during my virus, and never went away. I had hives literally from my forehead to the bottom of my feet 24/7 for a whole year!

It felt as if I were covered in honey and was being attacked by fire ants. I went to doctors, specialists, any and everyone I could think of and no explanation for the hives.

I was depressed, on 80mg of prednisone (for a whole yr) which in turn messed up my bones in the process, and BAD mood swings. I was on so much medication I could not even function, along with working 60 hrs a week (I actually cannot remember most of the year because I was in a daze from all the medications).

I cried day and night from depression, 1-2 hrs of sleep a night, and just being miserable! There were times that i actually didn't know if I wanted to live this way, it was very very dark times. On top of that, my doctors basically insinuated it was all in my head. Then I ran across an article about Gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease, low and behold.... all the symptoms matched mine.

My doctor wasn't keen on the idea of a diet helping, so I took my health in my own hands and started the diet. In less than 2 weeks my symptoms lessened and I was able to get off all medication. I have never felt better, although I still have hives they are not as bad and only seems to be associated with pressure (like shoes).

This is the first time in a year that I actually feel like getting out of bed....and ACTUALLY wanting to live. For those of you out there, there is hope for us! I am beginning to believe more and more what we eat today my harm us tomorrow.

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