chest pain

by Maxine Cole
(Tolland, Ct.)

In the past 4 months I have had three episodes of chest pain that awakens me in the middle of the night. My Dr. wants me to have a stress test but I know the exercise will make my body feel much worse. I am on your supplement plan for almost 3 months. Should I stop any of them?

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What are you taking
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

HI Maxine,

Did you have your vitamin D level done? If so, what is it? Are you taking vitamin D? Are you taking magnesium? If so, how much? ARe you taking any magnesium at bedtime, or taking an epsom salt bath?

chest pain
by: Maxine

I have not had my Vit. D level checked, but I am taking Vit. D, also magnesium 400mg. at dinner time.

How much
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

How much vitamin d are you taking?
And you should be taking quite a bit more magnesium than that. Likely at least double. Make sure you follow the protocol for taking the magnesium. You might need much much more.

You really should get your vitamin d level checked. ASAP. And you can also include B6, between 100 to 600 mg. That can help to increase your magnesium, which still might be low despite the 400 mg, and is the likely reason for your heart palpitations.

If your vitamin d level is VERY low, when you take Vitamin D, you can get what feels like bone pain, and very often this manifests in the chest. It would be very helpful to have a vitamin d level to know if your pain might be from taking vitamin d with a very low level and getting bone pain.

But those two possibilities for your chest pain is still too low magnesium levels, and getting bone type pain from vitamin D. Taking vitamin D when you have low levels of magnesium can also provoke magnesium deficiency, one of which can be heart palpitations.

So, just a couple of possibilities.

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