Can vitamin Vitamin D3 survive heat?

I use vitamin D3 fortified soy milk to bake cakes and scones with. I was also wondering if I could add liquid Vitamin D to my cooking. Does the heat from cooking destroy the vitamin D?

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Stop Drinking Soy Milk
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read more of my site and look at the amount of vitamin d in your soymilk (why are you drinking soy milk anyway?? Unfermented soy is not fit for human consumption and most soy is GMO, which is unfit for human consumption. I suggest that you get off the soymilk). The amount of vitamin d in soymilk is entirely irrelevant and will confer ZERO health benefits to you.

If you are concerned about getting enough vitamin d then you need to either:

1)Eat several pounds of wild salmon or sardines every day.
2) Get AT LEAST 20 minutes of FULL, midday summer sun on your ENTIRE skin surface every day


3) Do supplementation of approximately 5000 IU's of vitamin d per day.

My point is that there is SO amazingly little vitamin d in soymilk to make ANY difference whatsoever. In fact, soymilk is such a crappy food for you that you are probably harming your health MORE by drinking it than you are helping it by ANY nutrients that could possibly be in the soy milk...

Kerri Knox,RN

Soy milk and vitamin D3
by: Mark

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that soy can be problematic.

I only started to use soy milk because I came across a brand that has vitamin d3 added to it from a vegetarian source (lanolin). It is organic and I only use it sparingly. Most of the time I use oat milk.

While I am not fully convinced that a little organic soy every now and then poses much of a health risk (as opposed to the evil of soy isolate for example), I will look for vegetarian sourced vitamin d3 tablets as an alternative.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mark,

I agree that soymilk used that sparingly is not going to be problematic. But then if you are using it that sparingly, then the amount of vitamin d will be virtually negligible.

Nearly all vitamin d sources are from lanolin. I have tried to find sources WITHOUT lanolin for clients who are allergic to lanolin and it's exceptionally hard to do.

The ones that I sell on my site are made from lanolin and contain no oils to go rancid that are such a big problem in most vitamin d brands.

Kerri Knox,RN

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