Can Vitamin D cause water retention?

by Na'Cole
(Duluth GA)

Can Vitamin D cause fluid retention in a Stroke patient affecting the affected arm and elbow?



It is a 'common' occurrence for a stroke patient to have swelling in their affected limbs. When you are unable to use muscles, then the Lymph fluid builds up in that area and leads to swelling.

The best thing to do for this is to encourage as much movement as is possible for them and to keep it raised above the level of their heart when possible.

If this still doesn't relieve the swelling, then you can do a light massage of the arm just gently stroking it towards the heart. This is called 'efflurage' and is a common way that people with swelling after their lymph nodes are removed deal with this issue. It's very effective.

This swelling has nothing to do with vitamin d.

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