Calcium supplement while taking oral magnesium malate

by David
(Westminster, CA USA)

I am confused as to the need to take or not to take a calcium supplement when taking 800mg/day of oral magnesium as magnesium malate from "Source Naturals" for fibromyalgia, and,if supplemental calcium is needed, how much??

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks & Cheers -- Dave

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Don't recommend extra calcium
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi David,

I actually don't recommend ANY calcium when taking magnesium. Please read my page on Fibromyalgia and Magnesium to see the reasons for taking extra magnesium. The reason is that you want to relax chronically firing and contracting muscles. Calcium is needed to help muscles fire, magnesium helps them to relax. You don't need to have muscles fire, but to relax.

In addition, calcium has been implicated in possibly contributing to heart disease in those who supplement. In men, particularly, extra calcium is not needed in most cases.

Also please read my pages on Vitamin D Therapy to see why I recommend getting your vitamin d levels up to optimal and how low vitamin d levels could be contributing to your 'Fibromyalgia'.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Magnesium supplement
by: David

Just to let everyone know, by continuing to take Magnesium Malate [and NO calcium], EVERY aspect of the fibromaliga symptions that I was experiencing [and rather severly I might add] HAS COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY VANISHED!!!!


So much for modern medical science [idiots].

All my Dr. wanted to give me was pain pills, which I absolutely refused as I know they can only cover up a problem - NOT SOLVE IT.

Even though these pills cost me nothing under my medical plan, common sense prevailed.

Dr. still has no CLUE as to the cause/effect of what Magnesium supplementation has done for me.

And. best of all, BIG PHARMA made not one cent from my "cure".

Cheers -- David

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