Anemia and high b12 levels

by Ans
(WF , Tx USA)

I am anemic but have elevated b12 without supplementation. Is this common ?

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Common or Normal
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hi Ans,

Do you want to know if it's common, or if it's normal. It might be common, but it's not normal. I'm not sure if you mean that you have iron deficiency anemia, or if you have Macrocytic Anemia though. They are two entirely different conditions that are completely unrelated to each other.

In any case, if you have high B12 levels without supplementation, then you almost certainly have MTHFR Gene. While the gene is 'common', it's not 'normal'It's common to have Macrocytic anemia with the MTHFR gene. This means that you have a functional Vitamin B12 deficiency while also having high B12 levels. It's the 'hallmark' sign of MTHFR.

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Anemia, high B12 levels and the MTHFR gene
by: Anonymous

Nurse Knox is spot on!

Genetic testing determined I have the MTHFR gene and blood work done at the same time reported high B12 levels without supplementation. My question is this, considering my high B-12 levels, should I still take B-12 supplements, but use one that is not synthetic, such as Methylcobalamin B-12? I've read I should also take a non-synthetic form of folic acid (L-Methylfolate)?

MMR Test?
by: Anonymous

How can you confirm its anemia? My son is compound MTHFR and has serum B12 of 1050 without supplementing. HI folate isa a bit low but not deficient.

What kind of anemia?
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune System Queen

What type of anemia are you referring to? Do you mean B12 anemia, or iron deficiency anemia?

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