Alaskan with Vit D Deficiency

by Alaskan who misses the sun
(Elmendorf AFB, AK)

I am military and moved to alaska 18 months ago. I had my vit d levels checked due to extreme exhaustion to the point I've been laying in bed 3 weeks. It was 16. I was given 50000 iu once a week for 12 weeks. Also I went to the er 3 weeks ago with extreme anxiety and constant heart palpitations. My potassium, magnesium and calcium were all low and blood glucose was elevated. I know now that they go together with vit d deficiency.

My question is this....right now im taking the 50000iu on mondays, a multivit with 600 iu of vit d
250 mg magmagnesium
500 mg of calcium
And also am taking a calcium carbonate pill with 600 mg calcium and 400 iu D3.
In your opinion is another magnesium supplement recommended due to the fact that it was clinically low and that I have vitamin d def already? I have been eating potassium and magnesium rich foods as much as I can.

Im only on day 3 of the 50000iu of vit d but I feel horrible. I can't leave the bed or couch, can't think clearly, can't function. I feel like im dying but my docs just say to only take the 50000ius of D and wait it out. My research says more appreciate your opinion. Thanks so much.

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Sorry it's been so long
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Sorry it's been so long to get back to you. How are you feeling now? I'd make some comments, but i'd rather hear back from you first before I waste any time commenting on anything that you've already resolved or changed.

Hope that you are feeling better. Let me know.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

feeling much better
by: Anonymous

Im great! I still take my multivitamin, 250 mg of mag, a few calcium pills a week and an additional 2000 iu of vit d daily. I keep up on my potassium and mag foods too.this is the first winter where i dont feel exhausted. Any other advice? Im still not at 100% but the difference is night and day.thx for checking up on me!

Get another vitamin d test
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Maybe just to get another vitamin d test this winter in order to make sure your levels stay up. 2000 IU's is pretty low. 5000 IU's a day is about right for the average person, so you might end up dropping slowly over the winter and getting some problems.

Also, if you are still a bit on the tired side, you can always try increasing your magnesium any time that you wish. 250 mg of magnesium is pretty low too. Some people end up needing up to 1000 mg or more if they are pretty stressed.

So, just take a look at my page on Magnesium Dosages and you can increase your magnesium intake anytime you feel like you need it- for instance if you get constipated, headachy, stressed, can't sleep, or just want to see how you feel on higher dosages.

Also, fatigue is a common Symptom of B12 Deficiency and it's really safe to just take some high dose b12 for a month or so to see how it makes you feel. There's no real downside to Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment except the cost of the pills.

Hope you stay feeling good. Glad that you found out about your vitamin d deficiency and got that corrected.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

by: Anonymous

I will do some tweaking to my meds and get a recheck on d soon. Thanks again for the advice. Ive come a long way, but every day is a new day to improve upon.

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