Adult bedwetting? Lay off the Gluten.

by Wanold

I began having issues with gluten in my teen years. I just remember having what I thought was an unrelenting case of jock itch that would never go away. But I was active and played sports so I thought nothing of it. Later down the road my left foot was constantly itchy with these little bumps all over them that I would scratch till they bled. Memory became very unreliable (and still is) and I just chalked it up to getting order and some drugs I did in the past.

As much as i worked out I would always get angry because my stomach was never flat no matter how much I ran and exercised and not to mention my chest as well. Then came the last straw when I began wetting the bed at night. Always the same deal. A really deep dream where I dreamed I was peeing and then of course I would wake up wet. That was the last draw when it happened at the place of a girl I was seeing at the time after a heavy night of beer. So something had to give.

I had already stopped my dairy intake because I would produce too much mucus from milk and become extremely constipated from cheese. So I decided to give it a test. So I went of gluten for 30 days. I noticed my foot got better and not to mention I was able to digest cheese A LOT easier. Also no accidents for the entire 30 days. So I decided to eat some Texas Toast with my breakfast and BAM sure enough that night I wet the bed. MYSTERY SOLVED!!

I'm sitting here thinking I am needing my head examined and this was the culprit all along. Every since i have been (mostly) gluten free I haven't had any more issues. A beer that really did it for me was Miller Lite (beer contains gluten). I mean, after drinking it I could not go 3 minutes without having to piss. So I hope this reaches the right people as to help them with their possible issues.

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