33% is not the accurate number for Celiac Disease

by Paul R. Dierks
(Woodbury Ct. USA)

The reason I know I suffer an "Imaginary" intelligence is simple. The only thing true Asperger high functioning systemic autistic can accept is true logic in the purest forms. Genetic testing is the purest form of accurately identifying either the HLA DQ2 or the HLA DQ8 genetic modifiers we have all come to know and love. I want to stress another not well known truth, the HLA DQ1 is subject to the Ttg6 antibody strains. The resulting potentials in neurological based dysfunctions also lay in the mix; epilepsy, parkinsons, migraine headache, turrets, and many neurologic scleroses.

Now after having read just the first statement in your article is now known incorrect. If you use a base of indiscriminate nature, meaning all people of a certain area, this would be the most accurate base for species level genetic testing. This area would have all races and the test could leave out any individual. The closest thing to this having happened, was the genetic testing instituted by a man we all know as Dr. Alessio Fasano from the University of Maryland. I have spoken to Dr. Fasano face to face trying to get answers. The most important answer I got was the results of these genetic tests that are being hidden from the species for pure greed.

Dr. Fasano's answer is simple and direct. HLA DQ2=80% HLA DQ8(my genetic)=10 to 15% and I have seen enough articles and can source enough on the HLA DQ1 being at roughly one
third or 33% of the populace. I know this sounds outrageous, and I know the number = 128% but, you must figure for those with more than one of the genes. The simplest way to say the hidden lie is we are feeding our children an allergen to the human pack mammal species.

Dr. Fasano's immediate response was everything in moderation as was the response I got from Dr. Peter Green from Columbia University.

Unfortunately for these two hero's of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, I have read all their work. I can tell you the truth about these heroes hiding secrets. I can define and redefine what is known about celiacs and autism. I am the genetically proven highest intelligence on the planet. I say so without any idea of how narcissistic it makes me sound. But unfortunately for all, if I have proven what I am in the clearest definitions of the word through pure genetic testing, I do not have the ego to feel narcissism. I state fact. If people do not ask, somewhere in whatever my stupid religion is, I cannot tell them and make them believe.

I have a happy and fulfilling life all except one thing. If nobody asks to hear me, how can I be heard? I am blocked at every corner. The only thing my life needs for fulfillment is to better this life we all live. Why do so many seek to discredit a man who logically wishes to help?

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Discredit ?
by: Dia

Dear Paul:

I thank God for your intelligence. I hope you thank HIM, too. However, the reality of a high IQ can bring with it lots of problems....many of which I've found thru the years to be social graces or lack thereof to promulgate the voluminous information you might be storing.

I assure you that there's probably nothing wrong with the "INFO"; but, if you perceive that you are discredited for logically wanting to help mankind...your real issues are probably a lack of social graces to pave the way for delivering your information.

On the other side of your dilemma are the folks who have need of your info to whom you "owe" your willingness to help them live better lives. This 2-sided situation can meet both of yours / their needs. The dilemma for both parties having their "give-and-take" needs met is to find an appropriate vehicle / venue to transfer "your willingness to give info" to "their willingness to receive your info" ........ How can that venue be found ?

One way to actually help others is to strive to know how others best receive info / help. An atmosphere of "understanding where they are" / of "knowing how they best receive" info can be a boon to your delivery. This will take a social grace that perhaps Asperger's reality limits you having.

This dilemma in your life is the crowning issue for those who have high IQs. If you don't "get" what I mean...let me specifically state that high IQ isn't all that is needed to live out a full and prospering life. YOU need to know the social and loving attributes that others have. God has you in this perfect dilemma to guide you to your answers and your own fulfillment in life.

I suggest that you look around humbly at others God has placed into your life. I am willing to bet that others already are placed there to help you become a better transmitter of your prolific information. Reach out to others for help with preparing your information in a manner that is more easily received by others. Remember, gently, that most don't operate from your lofty IQ and need to be fed information in a way that is different from you ..... remember, this does not lower your functioning, this exercise will actually increase your functioning for the purpose you were created.

I trust that some aspect of your soul will bear witness to what I AM saying to you and that you will reach out and get help in acquiring "social graces toward your fellow sojourners" who need what you know.

Grace and peace to you, sir. May you find a fulfillment in this life by finding an avenue to share your vast knowledge.

Remember that being able to explain things to a child is a good barometer for how well we are able to "communicate" what is inside of us. With that being said, "I humbly suggest that you need help from others in learning how to communicate."

And, that being said.....I choose to believe you are intelligent enough to do just that!!

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