Juvenile Osteoporosis

by Priya Nath Mehta

There is a person I have read about who has had juvenile osteoporosis leading to as much as six fractures in a year at the young age of 16 or so. I had tried to advise her to take large doses of Vit D up to 50,000 IU per week or more. But she said that her doctors prescribed 2000 IU per day and they said it was OK.

They said it was OK because her Vit D blood test shows an "optimum" range with no deficiency.

I wrote back and told her that what is considered the optimum range is widely debated between the conventional doctors who are very conservative about giving Vit D, and the Vit D experts like those on Dr. Cannell's site, and yourself who would have a different opinion.

I still think for as something as serious as juvenile osteoporosis a dose of Vit D of 2000 IU per day is too low. She says she has plenty of sunshine and so the possibility of being deficient in Vit D is low. But then I think that maybe the sunshine is not making that much Vit D.

What would you consider to be the optimum blood levels for Vit D for a case of juvenile osteoporosis? Dont optimum levels vary from one disease to another? Cant optimum level requirements be much higher for juvenile osteoporosis? I believe the conservative doctors who have starved the population of Vit D over the years would say that 30-60 mg/L is enough for optimum levels. What would you say?

Your opinion and knowledge is supreme.

Best wishes,

Yours, Priya

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Juvenile Arthritis is Almost Surely Celiac Disease
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Priya,

You are right about vitamin d and different optimal levels for different diseases. I follow the Disease Incidence Chart (pdf) from Grassroots Health to show people the importance of higher levels.

With only a level of 40 ng/ml, people are missing out on almost all protection from breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. And a level of 40 ng/ml would have your friend missing out on MOST protection from fractures.

But there is likely a more serious underlying issue here. She almost certainly has Celiac Disease. If she hasn't been tested for it, she should ABSOLUTELY be tested and her doctors should be criminally prosecuted if she hasn't been tested already.

But what will be harder for her to understand is that if she's tested negative, she should completely ignore that and go on a gluten free diet anyway because she almost surely has it (unless she has some underlying genetic disorder that has already been diagnosed- but I'm assuming that she doesn't by your question).

There is a condition called Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance that is VERY real, but doctors will deny it's existence.

There is also a condition called latent Celiac Disease- Here's a study- where you get Celiac Disease later even though you've tested negative in the past. Many doctors who are knowledgeable about Celiac suggest that those, particularly children, with problems that are highly suspicious for Celiac be retested every year because you can later get Celiac- but doctor's generally test once in your life and if you don't have it- well, then they are not going to test you again- ever.

And this dooms a lot of people to a life of these severe problems that no one recognizes and that never get attributed to Celiac Disease. But if doctors can't find any 'good' reason for her continual fractures and she's not massively malnourished, then she almost surely has Celiac.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

by: Anonymous

Dear Kerri,

As always your reply is an eye-opener! Who could ever have thought that celiac disease could lead to such a thing as juvenile osteoporosis!!

I will certainly pass on this important piece of advice!!

Thank you so much for running this valuable site which is helping so many people all over the world!

Your admirer,

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