High MCV result

My MCV is 104.1 My doctor says this must be normal for me! A previous doctor in 2003 when I first developed ME/CFS said I "have the MCV of an alcoholic" and gave me no advice. I do not drink at all!

When I recently questioned my doctor about what the raised MCV may mean, she replied "It is something to do with your bone marrow" and that was it - no advice at all.

Are you able to give me any advice at all? Hemoglobin is high at 157, Haematocrit is high at .464, MCH is high at 35.1

As well as the post exertion malaise after even simple tasks, I also suffer very stressed bad dreams if I have gone over minimum essential tasks during the day. Conversation for any length over minimum time also does this to me.

My mother had the numb tingling extremities and difficulty walking that you have in your symptoms list as well as pains all over, and fatigue and weakness too for the last 12 years of her life. No help at all from her doctor.

My grandmother had some kind of elderly anemia for which she was given injections - but that was way back when doctors actually tried to help people be well.

Any guidance or advice would be very gratefully received. I have no stamina at all.

Thank you from Sky Bloom

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by: Kerri Knox, RN - The Immune Queen

Hi Sky,

Please read my pages on:

MCV Blood Test

and my many pages on Fibromyalgia starting with:

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Kerri Knox, RN

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