Let Intestinal Pathogen Testing
Help Find What's Bugging You

The Comprehensive Intestinal Panel Testing is the reason that The BioHealth Laboratory exists!!

"We must always rule out pathogens first and foremost. There is nothing that prevents restoring normal digestive function more than to have pathogens in the intestinal tract. This Intestinal Pathogen screen is essential for that." -Dr. Timmons

The founder of BioHealth Labs, Dr. Timmons was frustrated with the inability of conventional laboratories to detect these common intestinal pathogens- so he started his own lab!

People who have been under severe stress, have chronic health conditions or who have traveled abroad extensively- Almost Certainly have one or more of these pathogens.

This in home laboratory test uses stool samples to look for an entire range of parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungus such as:

- Giardia

- Candida overgrowth

- Blastocystis Hominis

- Entamoeba Histolytica

- Various Protozoa

- Roundworms and flatworms

- The H-Pylori bacteria that causes ulcers

Includes postage paid return mailer to BioHealth

Comprehensive Test
Includes Testing for All
Known Intestinal Pathogens

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Without H Pylori
Same as Comprehensive
But Without H Pylori

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(Order ONLY if you have
Tested Negative for H Pylori)

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